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Vol. 67 - Grant Noble (REMIX 2020)

July 25, 2020

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This episode of the podcast is dedicated and inspired by The Beastie Boys (@beastieboysstory). We sit down with our homie Grant Noble (@grantnoble_) and talk about dirt bikes, shaping, how to be a kind person and what motivates him to surf. We also got some short takes with @nicoloramos, @lograp and @stokewars. So sit back, crack a tall boy and listen to some tracks that the boys from NYC put out into the universe and made it a better place for everyone. 



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1. No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Beastie Boys

2. Brass Monkey - Beastie Boys 

3. Eggman - Beastie Boys 

4. Shake Your Rump - Beastie Boys 

5. Pass The Mic - Beastie Boys 

6. I' Been Watching You - The South Side Movement

7. Bring It Here - Wild Sugar

8. Big Sur Suite - Johnny Hammond

9. Tomorrow's People - The Children of Today - Macdonald and Gilles

10. Loose Booty - Sly and the Family Stone

11. Put On Train - Gene Harris and the Three Sounds

12. Slivadiv - Back Door

13. Sure Shot - Beastie Boys 

14. Get It Together - Beastie Boys 

15. Too Many Rappers (New Reactionaries Version) [feat. Nas] - Beastie Boys 

16. Root Down - Beastie Boys 

17. Remote Control - Beastie Boys 

18. Bodhisattva Vow - Beastie Boys 

19. Something's Got To Give - Beastie Boys 

20. Gratitude - Beastie Boys 

21. Sabotage - Beastie Boys 

22. Time For Livin' - Beastie Boys 

23. Heart Attack Man - Beastie Boys 


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