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Vol. 65 - Lola Mignot & Steve Larosiliere

June 26, 2020

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What up party people. This week we get to chat with one of our all time fav lady sliders Lola Mignot (@lolamignot). We politic about contests, growing up in Mexico, the responsibility of being a female role model in surfing and much more. We also get to chat with Stoked (@stokedorg) founder Steve Larosiliere (@stevelaros) about how you can get involved with inner-city youth. Lastly we have some short takes with @robotsfrom, @victoriavergara and Breaking Boundaries from @Vans. So sit back and dive into this Mexican Hip Hop heavy episode patly curated by Lola herself.


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1. Superhéroes - Jezzy P

2. Si Señor - Control Machete

3. Canto Para la Tierra (feat. Mare Advertencia Lirica & Caye Cayejera) -Mare Advertencia Lirica

4. Tierra- Imilia Kozmika

5. Vato Sencillo - Cartel de Santa

6. Narciso - The Guadaloops

7. Ciudad de Noche (feat. Dan Koh & Miguelón) - Luz Rerality

8. Reyna (feat. Scoop Deville) - Nina Dioz

9. Serenata Rap - Dharius

10. Mañanero - Remik Gonzalez & Aleman

11. Te Iré a Buscar (feat. Nanpa Básico) - Santa Fe Klan

12. Voy - Chhoti Maa

13. La Senda (feat. Dj Jihn Stalag) - Mime 871

14. América No - Eptos Uno

15. California - Akwid & Sporty Loco


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Kassia Meador's Definitive Guide to Longboarding (get 20% off using the link below) 



Shut In by Robots From featuring Troy Elmore


Victoria by Morgan Maassen


Breaking Boundaries from Vans


Jetty Blue 100s Trailer

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