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Vol. 42 - Women’s Duct Tape Invitational 2018

August 23, 2018

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Back after a swell hopping few weeks we are back with the ladies of the #DuctTapeInvitational on this ladies only joint. We politic with Joel Tudor (@joeljitsu), Kassia Meador (@kassiasurf), Erin Ashley (@wormtown), Makāla Smith (@shredsista) and Kelis Kaleopaa (@keliskaleopaa) about their time at the event and what an event like this means to surf culture. We also have some short takes with @sea.together.mag, a sick Playa Saladita clip and a clip featuring @victoriavergara. So sit back and give all praises to the queens and ladies out there in this world on this special episode.


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No need to bust a craze on some waves...there's always more during the next swell.



1. Ladies First - Queen Latifah

2. Let's Get Hyped - J.J. Fad

3. Tramp - Salt N Pepa

4. Cold Rock a Party - MC Lyte

5. Lessons of Today - Rah Digga

6. Bring the Pain (feat. Method Man) - Missy Elliott

7. Time & Space (A New Refutation Of) - Digable Planets

8. (Holy Matrimony) Letter to the Firm - Foxy Brown

9. Sho Shot - The Lady Of Rage

10. Philly, Philly - Eve

11. Independent Woman - Roxanne Shante

12. No Matter What They Say - Lil Kim

13. It's a Shame (My Sister) [feat. True Image] - Monie Love

14. Visions of Nefertiti - Nefertiti

15. Romantic Call - Patra

16. Action - Nadine Sutherland

17. Ain't No Stopping Nancy - Sister Nancy

18. Oh Dread - Althea & Donna


Til next time suckas... keep those toes wet #JustTheTip #ToesBeforeHoes

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