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Vol. 39 - Asher Hunt

July 19, 2018

Gots a banger of an episode with 3 plus hours of funk focussing on the #OBX. First we start off with a sit down with Asher Hunt (@asherhunt_) and politic about surfing in the OBX, traveling for surf and what's good about his home scene. Next we do a lil shop talk with Rascoe Hunt (@galeforceguy) and Murray Ross about their surf business, Gale Force Glassing, and what the industry is like in their neck of the woods. We close up with some short takes with @tatsuo_takei, @rvcasurf collab with @campbellbros and a new clip dropped by @jackcolemanpluto for @mollusksurfshop. So sit back, relax and get on this 3 hour tour of the OBX and beyond.

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1. Sea Motet - Adrian Younge

2. Loungin' (feat. Donald Byrd) [Square Biz Mix] - Guru

3. Just to Get a Rep - Gang Starr

4. The Way It Iz (feat. Lil Dap, Guru & Kai_Bee) -Lil Dap, Guru & Kai_Bee

5. Pay Attention - Group Home

6. A Little Soul (instramental) - Pete Rock

7. Mad Props - Da Youngsta's

8. Wreckonize (Remix Vocal) - Smif n Wessun

9. Funk Soul Sensation - Jemini The Gifted One

10. Do You - Heather B

11. Travellin' Man (Instrumental) - DJ Honda

12. Verses from the Abstract - A Tribe Called Quest

13. Ah-Yeah - KRS One

14.  Recognized Thresholds of Negative Stress - Boogiemonsters

15. Tight - Rah Diga

16. Over the Breaks (Instrumental) - J Dilla

17. New York Giants (feat. M.O.P.) - Big Punisher

18. Black Trump - Cocoa Brovaz & Raekwon

19. Still Wanted Dead or Alive - Kool G Rap & DJ Polo


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Asher Hunt Links




Tatsuo Takei


The Yard by Jack Coleman featuring Levi Prairie and Andy Nieblas


Campbell Brothers for RVCA


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