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Vol. 38 - Tatsuo Takei

July 10, 2018

Hope y'all been enjoying the summer as much as we have. This episode we sit down with Tatsuo Takei (@tatsuo_takei) and politic about his start in surf culture in Souther California, who were some of the first people he photographed and where he sees his photography going. We also spin some short takes with @surfersjournal cover shot of @mr._t00ts, @andreacolemanphoto shooting Malibu and @bangbangboogie at the @surf.relik. So get our of that heat, twist a cap and spend the next 2 hours with the crew y'all.

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1. Mortal Combat - Big Daddy Kane

2. This Is Something for the Radio - Biz Markie

3. She's Crafty - The Beastie Boys

4. Illegal Business - Boogie Down Productions

5. Mind Blowin' - The D.O.C.

6. Sons of 3rd Bass - 3rd Bass

7. If It Ain't Ruff - N.W.A.

8. Ahh, Let's Get Ill - LL Cool J

9. Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em - Eric B and Rakim

10. She Watch Channel Zero - Public Enemy

11. Caught Up (Remix) - Chubb Rock

12. The Hunted Child - Ice T

13. Smoke - Kid Frost

14.  I'm Housin' - EPMD

15. I'm the Magnificent - Special Ed

16. 007 (Shanty Town) - Desmond Dekker

17. The Harder They Come - Jimmy Cliff

18. Man In the Hills - Burning Spear

19. Transport Connection - Sister Nancy


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Tatsuo Takei links




Mr Toots cover shot for Surfers Journal


Joel, Tudor, Tosh Tudor, Tommy Coleman, Jared Mell and Sean Tully at Malibu by Andrea Coleman


Jared Mell at the Relik



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