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Vol. 9 - Sean Tully Interview

August 22, 2017

Hope y'all been havin' a good time out there avoiding the crowds in this tiny swell season. Heard it's been getting ill at first point.  This week we are back with an interview with our main man Sean Tully (@innocnts) where he talks about growing up & surfing in LA, the 1WV 1 FN contest, what it's like to run an art gallery and why aren't there more indy surf clips out there. We also have some short takes with Palace Skateboards (@palaceskateboards), the recently announced Hotdogger Championship (@hotdoggerchampionship) and shaper Forrest Minchinton (@forrestminchinton). Sit back, relax and enjoy the weird mix of tracks we picked this week. We felt like keeping it a little grimey with Method Man sprinkled in all over the place and ending with one of my favorite classic soul songs. 

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No need to bust a craze on some waves...there's always more during the next swell.


1. Brooklyn Zoo (instramental) - ODB

2. Boricuas on da Set - Frankie Cutlass (feat. Fat Joe, Doo Wop, Ray Boogie & True God)

3. Se Acabo (Remix) - The Beatnuts (feat. Method Man)

4. Gravel Pit - Wu-Tang Clan

5. N.Y.C. Everything - RZA (feat. Method Man)

6. Instramental - Gang Starr

7. Ruff Ryders' Anthem - DMX

8. Head Banger - EPMD

9. Stray Bullets - Organized Konfusion

10. Whateva Man - Redman (feat. Erick Sermon)

11. The Scenario Remix (instramental) - A Tribe Called Quest

12. Motherless Child - Ghostface Killah

13. Across 110th Street - Bobby Womack


Til next time suckas... keep those toes wet #JustTheTip

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Sean Tully on Instagram @sean_tully & @innocnts

Palace Skateboards "The Merchandise" video

The Hotdogger Championship

Forrest Minchinton

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