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Vol. 12 - Eden Saul (Dead Kooks Surfboards)

September 19, 2017

We took a week off while in NYC and are back with a banger yo. We were lucky enough to get Eden Saul of Dead Kooks (@deadkooks) to sit down with us and politic about growing up in Australia, spliting time between there and LA, travelling and shaping all over the world. We also drop some knowledge with a few short takes having to do with the Hotdogger Championship (@hotdoggerchampionship), Call Me 917's latest video (@calme917), The Dime (@dimemtl) Glory challenge and a bunch of random nuggets. Sit back and enjoy this dope episode filled with some killer cuts.

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No need to bust a craze on some waves...there's always more during the next swell.


1. The Corner, The Streets (instramental) - Lord Jamar

2. South Bronx - Boogie Down Productions

3. Power - Ice T

4. I Got Played - Yo Yo

5. Shadrach - The Beastie Boys

6. Here Comes the Gravediggaz - Gravediggaz

7. Who Got Da Props (instramental) - Black Moon

8. Step to My Girl - Souls of Mischief

9. Next Level - Show & A.G.

10. You Know My Steez - Gang Starr

11. A Million And 1 Buddah Spots - Redman

12. Chamber Music - Wu-Tang Clan

13. I Wanna Know If It's Good To You - Funkadelic

14. Blood in the Streets (feat. AZ) - Ghostface Killah

15. Scenario - A Tribe Called Quest


Til next time suckas... keep those toes wet #JustTheTip #ToesBeforeHoes

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Hotdogger Championship 

Dime Glory Challenge

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